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Swiss review criminal complaint filed by figure in 1MDB case – Reuters

Swiss review criminal complaint filed by figure in 1MDB case

ZURICH (Reuters) – Swiss prosecutors are reviewing a criminal complaint filed against two former colleagues and an alleged accomplice by Xavier Justo, a former director of energy group PetroSaudi International Ltd and a key figure in the 1MDB affair.

Justo told Reuters he was trying to clear his name after being jailed in Thailand for blackmailing his former employer over its ties to the scandal-hit Malaysian state fund 1MDB, with which it ran an energy joint venture from 2009 to 2012.

The blackmail allegation arose from Justo’s demanding money from PetroSaudi and threatening to make public information he gleaned from his time at the company.

PetroSaudi, which was not itself a subject of the complaint, responded through its lawyers that Justo was merely trying to “deflect attention from his own wrongdoing”.

It was documents that Justo leaked after he left PetroSaudi in 2011 that triggered investigations in at least six countries into alleged theft of assets from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fund.

The documents raised suspicions about how funds at the venture were used and prompted investigators to probe suspicions that money had been siphoned off from the joint venture.

A total of $4.5 billion was misappropriated by high-level officials of 1MDB and their associates, according to civil lawsuits filed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak set up 1MDB in 2009 and served as chairman of its advisory board. He and the fund have denied any wrongdoing.


Justo was freed from a Thai prison in an amnesty in 2016. Now he alleges that his confession came under pressure from PetroSaudi executives and their allies — including public relations officials and a fake London police detective — to cover up facts in the scandal.

The Swiss Office of the Attorney General confirmed it had received Justo’s criminal complaints and was reviewing them, declining to comment further.

PetroSaudi has denied wrongdoing in connection with the 1MDB venture and said it would cooperate fully with authorities.

Asked for comment on Justo’s allegations, PetroSaudi’s lawyers released a statement saying he was only repeating claims that contradicted his previous admissions.

“Our client did not take any steps to force him to make a false confession. He confessed to blackmail because the evidence against him was overwhelming and incontrovertible,” it said.

They questioned why Justo had gone public with his criminal complaint at a weekend news conference only months after approaching Swiss authorities.

“It seems to our client that the timing of this press conference suggests it has been carefully orchestrated to coincide with the upcoming elections in Malaysia, when Prime Minister Razak will be seeking re-election,” they said.

Justo said Swiss authorities had asked him to delay filing charges to avoid interfering with their existing money-laundering investigation.

The complaints that he and his wife brought against PetroSaudi co-founder and chief executive Tarek Obaid, ex-PetroSaudi director Patrick Mahony and Briton Paul Finnigan include making threats, blackmail, extortion, endangering the lives of others, slanderous denunciation, misleading justice, and money-laundering.

They could not be reached immediately for comment.

Justo was sentenced to three years in prison in Thailand in 2015 on charges of blackmail and attempted extortion after what he now says was a confession made under pressure from his former PetroSaudi colleagues and their associates including Finnigan, who Justo says posed in Thailand as a detective from London’s Metropolitan Police.

“The deal (with his former colleagues) was ‘Cooperate, give them whatever they want … and you will be out before Christmas 2016’, so I confessed,” he told Reuters. “It was a set-up.”

Justo denied in the interview that he had tried to blackmail PetroSaudi, saying he was simply trying to recover the balance of a 6.5 million Swiss franc settlement agreed when he left the company in 2011.

Swiss review criminal complaint filed by figure in 1MDB case
March 20, 2018 – Reuters


Crucial whistleblower of 1MDB scandal speaks out at last

SWISS BOMB! Justo Speaks Out At Last, As Swiss Prosecutors Adopt His Criminal Complaint Against PetroSaudi Directors
17 March 2018 – SR


WHY has 1MDB not submitted its accounts since 2014?

Why are your accounts missing since 2014, Tony Pua asks 1MDB

WHY has 1MDB not submitted its accounts since 2014, Pua asked today, following the state investor’s disavowal of funds confiscated by the Swiss authorities.

1Malaysia Development Bhd said it has not lost any money and that its funds are fully accounted for, a claim which the Petaling Jaya Utara MP dismissed as lacking in credibility.

“If 1MDB money is fully accounted for, why hasn’t 1MDB made any full disclosure of its accounts since 2014?

“In fact, 1MDB has not produced any legitimately audited account since March 2012 after Deloitte Malaysia withdrew its endorsement of 1MDB’s March 2013 and 2014 financial statements,” he said in a statement.

The state investor said yesterday that the CHF104 million (RM430 million) held by the Swiss federal treasury does not belong to 1MDB and is a fine imposed on banks which allegedly breached Swiss laws.

Responding to news and press statements by opposition leaders about the Swiss Parliament’s plans to debate and vote on a motion to repatriate the “stolen” funds to Malaysia, 1MDB said the amount in question cannot be claimed by the firm nor by the Malaysian government, as the money does not belong to 1MDB.

Pua said despite numerous requests by the auditor-general (AG) and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), 1MDB has refused to submit its updated financial statements and even hand over any bank statement of its accounts with foreign banks.

“It does not take a genius to figure out that 1MDB has more than something to hide.

“This is the very reason the PAC could never have exonerated prime minister (Najib Razak) of stealing from 1MDB because the AG and the PAC were never given the necessary documents to verify that such illicit transfer of funds never took place.

“Even when I had asked for a simple listing of the debts still being held by 1MDB, as well as the debts assumed by the Ministry of Finance, it gets rejected by the parliamentary speaker.”

Pua said the reason the board and the top management of 1MDB are evasive is obvious and understandable, as they are an integral part of the plot by top leaders to steal tens of billions of ringgit from Malaysian taxpayers.

“The mother of all scandals has already precipitated the single largest anti-kleptocracy legal suit by the United States Department of Justice.

“Given that the board and top management of 1MDB are part of the part of the kleptocracy scam, how do they expect Malaysians to believe their denial of the ownership of more than RM400 million confiscated by the Swiss authorities?”

The denial also holds no water as 1MDB has also lied to about the nature of its joint venture with Petrosaudi International Limited, which masked the transfer of US$1.03 billion to the accounts of Good Star Limited in Switzerland, Pua said.

“1MDB repeatedly testified that Good Star was a subsidiary of Petrosaudi, before Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) subsequently confirmed that Good Star’s sole shareholder was the fugitive Low Taek Jho.” – March 15, 2018.

Why are your accounts missing since 2014, Tony Pua asks 1MDB
15 Mar 2018 – TMI


1MDB scandal on US TV show

Report: Trump ally allegedly linked to Jho Low cries victim over email leak

Republican donor Elliott Broidy, alleged to have been in negotiations for a US$75 million (RM295 million) deal with businessman Jho Low to get the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to drop its 1MDB investigation, has reportedly cried victim in the matter.

The negotiations were first brought to light by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) claiming to have reviewed emails showing Broidy, who is a close ally of US President Donald Trump, in a draft proposal asking for a US$75 million fee “if the DOJ quickly drops its investigation”.

“He (Broidy) says the reason his emails are turning up all over the place and all sorts of news reports now is because he has been hacked by a foreign government, and he is the real victim here,” said American television host Rachel Maddow on her news programme ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ last night.

The episode titled ‘With New Player’s Details, Trump-Russia Probe Seems Far From Over’, Maddow makes detailed mention of the 1MDB scandal from the time of the ‘Arab donation’ matter to the latest expose on the Jho Low deal.

As reported by the WSJ, the emails dated the past year involved discussions to set up a consulting contract with Low.

Also among the emails were allegedly talking points Broidy had drafted for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s meeting with Trump last year, which included mention of the “US legal pursuit of the 1MDB matter”.

Low has been embroiled in the 1MDB scandal, particularly after the DOJ launched a series of forfeiture suits to seize assets it claims had been siphoned from 1MDB.

The businessman again hit the spotlight when a luxury yacht he allegedly acquired using 1MDB funds was seized by Indonesian authorities in Bali in a joint operation with the US authorities.

Maddow addressed the seizure of the yacht named Equanimity on her show last night, jokingly congratulating the US public for their “new yacht”.

Report: Trump ally allegedly linked to Jho Low cries victim over email leak
11 Mar 2018 – malaysiakini


Indonesian magazine features 1MDB ‘cover-up’, foreign probes

Indonesian magazine features 1MDB ‘cover-up’, foreign probes

Indonesia’s leading current affairs magazine Tempo has highlighted the alleged cover-up attempt of the 1MDB scandal by the Malaysian government, despite ongoing probes by various foreign authorities.

In its latest edition, the weekly publication featured the 1MDB scandal on its front page – with a caricature of businessperson Jho Low on board the Equanimity – and in several articles within, including one headlined “Smooth outside, stalled inside.”

The report quoted Alor Setar MP Gooi Hsiao Loong, who highlighted how attempts to raise questions related to 1MDB in the Dewan Rakyat were rejected by the speaker, Pandikar Amin Mulia.

Among others, it was noted that Pandikar’s decision was due in part to protests by Umno MPs and leaders.

The Tempo report also pointed to various Malaysian authorities, including attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali and inspector-general Mohamad Fuzi Harun, who had cleared Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak of wrongdoing in relation to 1MDB.

It noted that investigations by Malaysian authorities conducted over the past three years have not resulted in any charges brought against individuals linked to the state investment fund.

“Nine other countries investigating this corruption case have found facts that contradicted the Malaysian government’s claims.

“The FBI has established links between businessperson Jho Low and 1MDB, and even concluded that the Equanimity was bought using money raised from 1MDB bonds,” said Tempo in its report, in reference to filings in the US Department of Justice’s assets forfeiture suits.

The 1MDB scandal made headlines in Indonesia after the seizure of the Equanimity superyacht linked to Jho Low in Bali on Feb 28.

Indonesian magazine features 1MDB ‘cover-up’, foreign probes
12 Mar 2018 – malaysiakini


Malaysia’s PM is about to steal an election – The Economist

Malaysia’s PM is about to steal an election
8 Mar 2018 – The Economist


Indonesia to Turn Over Yacht in 1MDB Probe to FBI – WSJ

Indonesia to Turn Over Yacht in 1MDB Probe to FBI

JAKARTA, Indonesia—Indonesia will hand over a luxury yacht seized on the resort island of Bali to U.S. authorities, police said Wednesday, giving the Justice Department an elusive asset connected to a $4.5 billion fraud case centered on the Malaysian state fund 1MDB.

Daniel Silitonga, Indonesia’s chief police investigator in seizure of the yacht Equanimity, said police would transfer control over the $250 million, 300-foot vessel “in a few days” upon the completion of legal arrangements.

Indonesia seized the Cayman Islands-flagged, helipad-equipped Equanimity at the request of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation on Feb. 28, capping a monthslong search by U.S. authorities.

The Justice Department alleges that a Malaysian financier who controls the vessel—36-year-old Jho Low—helped siphon off at least $4.5 billion from the fund, 1 Malaysia Development Bhd., or 1MDB, between 2009 and 2015.

Mr. Low, who made key decisions at the 1MDB fund, and conspirators from Asia and the Middle East allegedly used the proceeds to buy luxury homes in the U.S., party in Las Vegas nightclubs and fund Hollywood movies, according to the Justice Department.

Mr. Silitonga said that Indonesia had received written requests for the Equanimity from the FBI, whose agents last week boarded the yacht with Indonesian police in waters just off Bali, the Southeast Asian nation’s top tourism destination.

Mr. Silitonga declined to say whether police would seek to prosecute any of the ship’s approximately 30 crew members. Police initially said they would name the vessel’s South African captain, Rolf Sieboldt-Berry, as a suspect, alleging that he had turned off an automated identification system on the yacht to avoid detection. But neither he nor any crew members, all still on the vessel, has been charged. A lawyer for the captain has said that Mr. Sieboldt-Berry told police he permissibly turned off an identification system once last year to avoid pirates.

Hikmahanto Juwana, an international law expert from the University of Indonesia advising police on the case, said crew members would be free to go if police determined they hadn’t committed any crime in Indonesian waters.

Since mid-2016, the Justice Department has sought, via civil lawsuits in California, to seize almost $2 billion in assets allegedly bought with the stolen money, including the Equanimity as well as a Bombardier jet and mansions. The Justice Department also alleges money went to fund the production of films including “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Indonesia to Turn Over Yacht in 1MDB Probe to FBI
By Ben Otto and Anita Rachman
March 7, 2018 – WSJ

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