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1MDB scandal: thousands join ‘anti-kleptocracy’ rally in Malaysia to oust PM Najib

1MDB scandal: thousands join ‘anti-kleptocracy’ rally in Malaysia to oust PM Najib

Malaysia’s opposition are counting on the 1MDB scandal to turn as many voters as they can against Najib Razak

Thousands of protesters gathered at an unsanctioned rally on Saturday to demand action against Prime Minister Najib Razak over the mismanagement of billions of dollars by a state fund.

Malaysia’s opposition are counting on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal to turn as many voters as they can against Najib, who can call for national polls anytime between now and the middle of next year.

The prime minister has so far been able to weather the scandal, consolidating power by clamping down on dissenters and curbing local media and activists even as he faces a fierce challenge from his former mentor, Mahathir Mohamad.

But rising living costs and a broad-based consumption tax are leaving people like Hasmurni Tamby, a 42-year-old single mother of five, fed up with the way things are going under Najib.

“Prices of everything have gone up but not our salaries. We can’t save. So we don’t want this leader any more,” said Hasmurni, who travelled several hours north from her home state of Malacca to attend the evening rally.

Saturday’s rally was touted as the finale of a two month-long anti-kleptocracy roadshow, a platform set up by the opposition Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition to convince the majority Malay-Muslim voters in rural battleground areas that the country has suffered from Najib’s handling of 1MDB.

Najib’s popularity took a hit from persistent bad press linked to 1MDB, especially after the US Department of Justice filed civil suits to recover over US$1.7 billion alleged to have been misappropriated from the 1MDB fund.

A rebounding economy and strengthening ringgit currency, however, are working in Najib’s favour.

The prime minister is expected to announce plenty of people-centric initiatives later this month when he tables his last budget before the polls. Just a few months prior, he announced billions in housing and cash aid for the Malay community.

But Mahathir, who saw through Malaysia’s industrialisation as its longest-serving prime minister, warned that nothing good will come out of allowing his former protégé to continue to rule.

“Never before have we had a prime minister who is a thief. He steals so he can have a comfortable life,” Mahathir told the crowd when delivering the final speech of the night.

“We need to bring down kleptocracy in our country … Najib’s fate is in our hands. We can get rid of him, just by voting PH,” the former prime minister said.

1MDB scandal: thousands join ‘anti-kleptocracy’ rally in Malaysia to oust PM Najib
15 October, 2017 – SCMP


Will anti-kleptocracy roadshow deliver votes to Pakatan?

End Kleptocracy

Will anti-kleptocracy roadshow deliver votes to Pakatan?

PAKATAN Harapan might have popularised the word “kleptocracy” among Malaysians through its natiowide roadshow but it still needs to offer policies and solutions to get their vote, analysts said.

Riding on the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal and other national issues would not be enough for PH to win in the next election, they said.

Ilham Centre executive director Hisomuddin Bakar said he had attended several of the roadshow events, and he observed that people were generally fed up with the nation’s problems and the many issues raised by the opposition.

Many he said, questioned what PH had to offer, other than running down the administration of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

“They were waiting for PH leaders to offer solutions, while evaluating the unity among the coalition’s component parties,” Hisomuddin said.

That was why, he said, the large crowds at the PH “Love Malaysia, End Kleptocracy” roadshow would not necessarily translate into votes for the opposition.

He said people who went to the roadshow’s events were interested to see national personalities like Dr Mahathir Mohamad, and listen to issues “from the horse’s mouth”.

“But how far does their attendance translates into votes for PH is still a question. If we look at the voting pattern of those in rural communities, the people are traditionally more inclined to vote for the ‘party’s brand’ than anything else.

“The 14th general election will answer this question for us,” he told The Malaysian Insight.

Awareness may influence voting

However, independent political analyst Dr Samsu Adabi Mamat said the roadshow could influence voting behaviour for people who were already unhappy with the powers that be.

He said political gatherings could give people the awareness to act for change.

“The people’s acceptance of BN now is reduced. There are survey results showing that people are unhappy with the GST (Goods and Services Tax), rising cost of living, prices of goods and the poor value of the ringgit.

“People are going through hardship, but they do not know what to do about it. The roadshow helped, they learnt about what is happening in the country and have become more aware of the need to take action for change to happen,” he said.

The former Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia academician said if people believed that BN was not doing a good job, they might go home after an opposition ceramah feeling excited about the coming polls, waiting in anticipation to make their votes count.

“They will use their votes as a means of protest (against the current administration),” Samsu said.

The Mahathir factor

Hisomuddin has no doubts about PH chairman Dr Mahathir’s contribution to the success of the roadshow.

At 92, the former prime minister covered almost the entire country speaking in urban and rural areas, including Felda settlements.

Hisomuddin said without the influence of the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and jailed PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, Dr Mahathir was the crowd-puller.

“From the time Dr Mahathir started to collect signatures for his ‘Deklarasi Rakyat’ last year, until he was named PH chairman, he has infiltrated the rural Malay heartland – places the opposition never could penetrate in the past.

“That threatens Umno’s dominance in theses areas. Umno can no longer be complacent,” he said.

Dr Mahathir, who had been speaking at two to three anti-kleptocracy ceramah a week, recently said that the ceramah had been a success, having attracted huge crowds, including Umno and PAS supporters “who always stayed in the dark”.

Samsu said Dr Mahathir’s party Bersatu had also been well-received at the roadshow – another sign of the ceramah achieving success.

“Some ceramah-goers ended up being drawn to politics. Many signed up to be party members. Bersatu is said to have been successful in registering new members at the roadshow,” he said.

People waiting for a solution

Samsu also said with the people’s livelihood being the core issue, people were looking for changes like the removal of GST, tackling of rising prices, and political and economic stability.

“People want the country to have a good reputation, a healthy ringgit, improved investor confidence, and a better economy that will provide better opportunities for all,” he said.

Will anti-kleptocracy roadshow deliver votes to Pakatan?
14 Oct 2017 – TMI


PI Bala’s widow filed suit, Najib and wife ordered to file defence

Widow’s suit: Stay bid rejected, Najib and wife ordered to file defence

The Kuala Lumpur High Court has directed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife Rosmah Mansor to file their defence within 14 days over a suit filed by A Santamil Selvi, the widow of private investigator P Balasubramaniam.

Justice Hue Siew Kheng made similar orders for the other defendants in the suit, which include two of Najib’s siblings, as well as senior lawyer Cecil Abraham and businessperson Deepak Jaikishian.

This follows Hue dismissing their applications for a stay in filing their defence, pending the hearing of their striking out applications.

This is the first time Najib has been required to file his defence in a suit filed against him.

Besides Santamil’s suit, Najib is faced with numerous pending suits from DAP’s Zaid Ibrahim and Tony Pua, former senator Ezam Mohd Noor, as well as a pending appeal by former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Anina Saadudin and Khairuddin Abu Hassan.

Hue ruled that there were no special circumstances shown by the defendants for the court to grant the stay.

She also said that granting the stay may have prevented Santamil and her children from exercising their fundamental rights.

Santamil Selvi (photo) and her three children were represented by Gopal Sri Ram, Americk Singh Sidhu and Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar.

The widow filed the suit on Aug 1, claiming injury and loss of income, following the family’s exile to India in 2008 after Balasubramaniam’s second statutory declaration over the murder of Altantuya Shaaribuu.

Besides naming Najib and Rosmah, Cecil and Deepak, the others named included two of Najib’s siblings – Ahmad Johari and Nazim, Cecil’s son Sunil, commissioner of oaths Zainal Abidin Muhayat and lawyer M Arulampalam, who held the second press conference on the second statutory declaration.

Deepak discharges Shafee

Reporters were also informed by counsels that Deepak had written to Justice Hue earlier to inform that he is discharging senior lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah from representing him.

Deepak also wrote in to withdraw the striking out of the application and stay.

This means that if the eight defendants manage to strike out the suit, Santamil Selvi’s claim would stand against Deepak, said Americk.

It was previously reported that Santamil Selvi had exhausted her claim against the same defendants two years ago, after the High Court struck out her claim of conspiracy, and the Federal Court upheld the decision.

Santamil Selvi and her three children claimed that her husband had publicly unveiled his statutory declaration on July 3, 2008, which contained damning allegations against Najib and his purported links to Altantuya.

Following this, the family claimed that Rosmah summoned Deepak to Sri Satria – Najib’s official residence at the time – for talks on the statutory declaration.
This is said to have led to the second statutory declaration being made a day after, the retraction of the first, and subsequently the family’s exile.

Following today’s decision, Justice Hue fixed Nov 1 as the case management for the court to decide on hearing dates for the striking out of the application.

Widow’s suit: Stay bid rejected, Najib and wife ordered to file defence
11 Oct 2017 – Malaysiakini


Penthouse in Manhattan allegedly linked to 1MDB scandal to be sold at US$45 Million

Walker Tower Penthouse Allegedly Linked to 1MDB Scandal Asks $45 Million
Oct. 5, 2017 – WSJ


Malaysia: 1MDB casts a long shadow

By: Eric Ellis
October 04, 2017 – AsiaMoney


BANK Negara imposed fine of RM115.8 million on 1MDB, how about individuals responsible?

How about fining those responsible for 1MDB scandal, Pakatan asks Bank Negara

BANK Negara Malaysia should also pursue individuals involved in the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal instead of just imposing an RM115.8 million fine against the state investor, said Pakatan Harapan.

PH president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail was referring to the central bank’s disclosure yesterday of the “record” fine imposed on 1MDB under Article 234 (3b) of the Financial Services Act 2013.

She said the act also empowers BNM to impose a penalty against the director, senior management and any individual responsible for the management of 1MDB.

“For now, BNM only applied Article 234(3)(b) to impose a fine of RM115.8 million on 1MDB and those involved.

“If BNM fined 1MDB as a corporate body, it should also invoke Article 234(5) against individuals responsible for breaches of the law.

“I urge BNM to protect the integrity of the central bank as an institution that would prevent the same scandal from resurfacing in the future,” she said a press conference at the party’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya.

PH will lodge a police report next week to enable BNM to investigate Prime Minister Najib Razak as the advisory chairman of 1MDB, its board of directors and also the senior management under Clause 234(5).

Dr Wan Azizah said BNM’s decision to fine 1MDB RM115.8 million also penalises Malaysians as they are the ones who have to bear the state investor’s debts.

How about fining those responsible for 1MDB scandal, Pakatan asks Bank Negara
27 Sep 2017 – TMI


US court stays 1MDB civil suits to avoid jeopardising criminal probe

US court stays 1MDB civil suits
September 14, 2017 –

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