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1 million signatures to shut down Lynas

KUALA LUMPUR: Environmental group group Himpunan Hijau will start a campaign next month to collect one million signatures against the Lynas rare earth plant in Gebeng, Pahang.

It plans to achieve the one million target within 100 days.

“The one million signatures collected will represent the people’s strong commitment to bring down Lynas,” Himpunan Hijau chief Wong Tack told a press conference today.

Wong said his group would take the “one million voices of the rakyat” to the Yang diPertuan Agong to plead for his intervention in protecting the wellbeing of Malaysians.

He said the signatures would also be submitted to Parliament, the Australian High Commission, the Japanese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and financial institutions that supported Lynas.

The signature collection will start on Aug 24 with the opening of 10,000 stations across the country. The locations of the signing stations will be announced on Aug 15.

Wong said he would “be under the trees” at Dataran Merdeka and would not budge until the one millionth signature was recorded.

He called for volunteers to help in the effort, saying they could start signing up on July 30 at

“We need 10,000 highly committed green leaders to come forward to be a part of this extraordinary, history-in-the-making effort,” he said.

“Beginning Aug 1, official petition forms can be dowloaded from or Facebook: Himpunan Hijau 2.0: Langkah Lestari,” he said.

Asked whether Himpunan Hijau would organise street protests if Lynas continued operating, Wong said: “Since we believe in people’s power, when the time is right to resolve the issue, then it’s time for the people to go to the streets, and October will be a good month for that.”

Political activist Hishamuddin Rais chimed in: “This signature campaign is only the beginning. A street protest will take place if that is the only way for Lynas to close down.”

1m signatures to shut down Lynas
Alyaa Azhar
July 22, 2013 – FMT


AELB – winner of ‘most stupid statement ever’

MP SPEAKS Are politicians and regulatory bodies in Malaysia fighting to win of ‘The most stupid statement ever’ contest? If so, then first prize must go to the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).

In issuing a temporary operating licence (TOL), its director-general Raja Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan said the agency had relied on Australian rare earths miner Lynas’ unilateral commitment to ship out radioactive waste from the Gebeng operations without putting this in “black and white”.

So it’s not mandatory for Lynas to ship out the waste material because, according to Raja Abdul Aziz, “it was never a condition of the licence”. But he is sure the waste will be dumped elsewhere and if Lynas fails to do so, “there are various steps and considerations that the (AELB) can take”.

Is this guy kidding? Or worse, does he think the rakyat can be easily fooled?

What is the basis of legal action when a black and white agreement does not exist? How will AELB penalise Lynas when it has given the company a blank cheque to act as it pleases?

Why doesn’t the AELB boss spell out the actions that can be taken? And how binding are these actions, if at all they are taken?

And now, after much uproar, AELB said it will enforce the removal of radioactive waste from Malaysia. Again we are unsure if this is merely a reaction to the public outcry or if the board is really serious.

But its sneaky deals with Lynas, the eagerness to see its operations start and lack of a proper contract in terms of waste management, as well as seemingly pandering to Lynas’ whims and fancies do not instill any confidence.

We have seen tens of thousands of people protesting against Lynas, fearing for the safety of their children and future generations. And yet the AELB has madee a flimsy deal with Lynas, carelessly dismissing the lives of Malaysians.

Australia has clearly said it will not accept any waste material from Lynas. So Raja Abdul Aziz, which country do you think would happily accept millions of tonnes of radioactive waste from the Gebeng plant?

Don’t bargain with lives

The Malaysian government and AELB do not seem to have learnt from tragedies. Severe birth defects and eight leukemia cases in five years in a community of 11,000 people are the consequences of allowing the operations of the Asian Rare Earth factory in Bukit Merah, Perak.

And the clean-up costs of the factory and dump site is US$100 million, estimated to be the largest in the rare earths industry.

But 30 years on, the government is once again game to play with the lives of people.

AELB – winner of ‘most stupid statement ever’
Charles Santiago
Sep 10, 2012 – Malaysiakini


Scorpenes and Lynas: Going to foreign courts to get justice

PKR MP for Kuantan Fuziah Salleh warned over the weekend that efforts to stop the operations of the Lynas rare earth plant may eventually end up in a foreign court. One may wonder why we would need outsiders to be involved in our internal matters. Sad to say, this is a sign of how untrustworthy our judiciary system is today!

So, why can’t we depend on our own judiciary system to achieve justice? The answer goes back to the time when Mahathir Mohamad was in power, and it was for a long time. He was prime minister from 1981 to 2003, so imagine the damage wreaked.

Mahathir wanted everything to be done according to his wishes and in his own way. When the judges interpreted laws according to their own understanding, Mahathir got mad and removed them. He found replacements who would toe the line and delivered verdicts that met with his approval.

In 1998, Mahathir decided to send his deputy Anwar Ibrahim to jail to finish off his political career. Sodomy I was concocted and every government department was used to ensure Anwar was found guilty. The Attorney General, police, medical and chemistry departments were made to dance to the tune played by the UMNO-BN government.

Under the Executive’s thumb

Fast-forward to the current day. In the anti-Lynas case, the Department of Environment, the AELB and professionals involved in the construction of the plant and the mainstream media are now all singing the same tune played by the UMNO-BN leaders.

Even when there was evidence that judges could be bought as in the Lingam tape incident, nothing was done to rectify the situation. A Royal Commission of Inquiry was formed and when its findings found grounds to prosecute several bigwigs for judge-fixing, UMNO-BN resorted to delaying tactics with the A-G shuffling investigation papers to and fro with the police. In the end, nothing was done and the biggest joke was that the culprits even tried to have the court overturn the RCI findings!

So it is that the Malaysian judiciary is now at the mercy of the executive. There is no more separation of powers between the executive and the judiciary. Not surprisingly, it is not unfair to say Malaysia has lost its judicial integrity.

Scorpenes and Lynas: Going to foreign courts to get justice
19 June 2012 – Malaysia Chronicle


Anti-Lynas group: PSC report mere hogwash

Lynas opponent SMSL has deemed the parliamentary panel’s study and report on the controversial plant ‘predictably pitiful and lack credibility’.

KUALA LUMPUR: Save Malaysia Stop Lynas(SMSL) has dismissed the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) report on the Lynas project as mere “government hogwash”.

“The report is predictably pitiful and lack credibility. It is nothing more than hogwash put forward by the government in a last-ditch effort to appear democratic,” the resident group against the rare earth plant told FMT.

The report was tabled in Parliament yesterday after a two-month-long study led by PSC chairman and Higher Education Minister Mohamed Khaled Nordin, four other Barisan National (BN) MPs and one independent MP. The opposition has boycotted the panel since its formation in March.

The panel came up with 31 recommendations based on public hearing sessions, a working visit to the plant and expert views, among others.

SMSL said that the PSC was an “undemocratic and unfair” process when opposition MPs boycotted it on grounds that it lacked the power to decide on the project even if it was found to be unsafe.

“PSC is meant to be a process where elected parliamentarians from all parties are represented to hear concerned citizens’ views,” said SMSL.

“Its undemocratic process was further illustrated when SMSL’s request for parliamentary privileges to be extended to ensure its citizens’ right to voice out [was not granted]…”

It said that in most democratic countries, parliamentary privileges are often granted to any citizen and civil society groups participating in this kind of inquiry.

SMSL also accused Khaled of “abusing his power” to influence the outcome of the PSC.

“That democratic process was undermined by Khaled who made his personal judgment of the Lynas rare earth refinery LAMP public in the midst of the PSC inquiry. He has abused his power, compromised his supposed professional impartiality and integrity to influence the outcome of the PSC,” said SMSL.

(Khaled was reported to have said the plant was the safest in the world during the PSC’s visit to Kuantan.)

Anti-Lynas group: PSC report mere hogwash
June 19, 2012 – FMT


Peaceful anti-Lynas gathering at Gebeng

PETALING JAYA: About 1,500 anti-Lynas protesters gathered peacefully at Gebeng Industrial Park, Kuantan this morning to oppose the siting of the Lynas rare earth plant there.

The protest, organised by Himpunan Hijau, saw the protesters sending a strong message against the Australian mining company.

Himpunan Hijau chairman Wong Tack had previously told FMT that the grouping was fed up with the government’s approval of the Pahang-based rare earth plant.

“We will voice our serious concerns. We want to send a message to Lynas so that they would not set foot on Malaysian soil.”

“We will fight so hard that this is only the first warning. Their operation will not be smooth and easy,” he told FMT.

Earlier in the morning, the police had set up road-blocks to stop people from converging at the Gebeng Industrial Park despite the rally being given a police nod.

A small group of police was present at the industrial park.

This however did not stop the protesters from entering the industrial park. The Lynas plant was located about 5km from where the protest took place.

The plant was ‘guarded’ by about 100 police personnel, according to eye-witnesses.

Among the political leaders who were present at the protest included Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson A Samad Said, activist Hishamudin Rais, PAS leader Mohamad Sabu and DAP’s Leong Ngah Ngah.

The weekend rally against Lynas started yesterday with some 300 people gathering at the Balok beach in Kuantan. The beach is about 8km away from the rare earth plant.

Peaceful anti-Lynas gathering at Gebeng
June 24, 2012


Lynas TOL appeal rejected: We will sue even to the Aussie courts, vows Fuziah

The people of Kuantan are naturally disappointed with the decision to reject the appeal made by three Kuantan residents to overturn the temporary operating licence (TOL) issued to the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (Lamp) by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).

The decision was made by Science, Technology and Innovation Minister, Dr Maximus Ongkili in a letter sent to their lawyer yesterday.

The decision was nothing unexpected. However, it clearly shows that the current regime under Najib Tun Razak has not been listening to the people, despite the people’s protest.

Under normal circumstances, if the Lynas plant was not harmful to the people’s health, the people would not want to come out under the hot sun to stage a demonstration. The fact that they did, showed clearly that the people have voiced their grave concerns over the way the government handles the Lynas issue.

Over-lenient M’sian authorities

If LAMP were to operate in Australia, using the license issued to Ashton Rare Earth Company (License issued in 1992) which Lynas later acquired together with the license, Lynas would have to comply to 41 commitments.

One of which is sending the radioactive waste back to the origin of the ore at Mt Weld. In fact Lynas can only keep the waste on the refinery site for a maximum of 8 days. This is to account for bad weather.

Otherwise in normal circumstances, the radioactive waste is transported back to once produced. The tanks that transport the ores to the refinery plant are also tasked to transport radioactive waste back to the mine.

Lynas TOL appeal rejected: We will sue even to the Aussie courts, vows Fuziah
Written by Fuziah Salleh
16 June 2012 – Malaysia Chronicle


Anti-Lynas Rising Flame of Anger


Anti-Lynas group vows ‘wave after wave’ of protests

KUALA LUMPUR, June 21 — Himpunan Hijau warned Lynas Corp and the government today of “wave after wave” of protests against the impending issuance of a temporary operating licence (TOL) for the Australian miner’s rare earth plant, beginning with a day-long assembly this weekend.

The coalition of groups opposed to the controversial refinery in Kuantan told a press conference today that it will not stop until “the world’s largest radioactive dump” is forced out.

“Leaders of the current regime will not pay attention to the suffering and anxieties of the community of Kuantan. They are in the midst of their own political life and death struggle. Correcting their wrongdoings is not on their agenda.

“Lynas may be receiving its TOL but we can assure them the people of Kuantan will never allow their evil acts to go unchallenged. If the TOL is issued, the authorities will see wave after wave of people’s actions,” chairman Wong Tack said.

He also said the RM2.5 billion project will be “the world’s largest radioactive waste dump” despite the Sydney-based firm’s insistence that radiation would be at very low levels as “it will break down and alpha particles will release very strong radiation into the food chain.”

Lynas cleared probably its final major hurdle to getting its TOL after a parliamentary select committee (PSC) called for the licence to be issued as “scientific facts” show that the controversial Kuantan plant is safe.

The positive feedback tabled in the PSC report came just four days after the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry (Mosti) dismissed an appeal against the facility by residents living nearby and instead imposed two conditions that Lynas said it will have no problems satisfying.

However, residents who filed the appeal to MOSTI have said they will challenge the minister’s decision in court, calling the conditions “flimsy” and “not specific enough and will in no way safeguard or appease the fears of residents living in the area.”

Anti-Lynas group vows ‘wave after wave’ of protests
June 21, 2012 – TMI

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