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BN vs Bersih and the biggest joke in town

Why give all the excuses that a one-day rally will threaten national security? Why say that it will affect Tourism? Why say that traders and taxi drivers are going to lose millions in revenue? Why say that it will affect Malay unity? First and foremost, the Malays are not united is because UMNO refuses to accept the true path of Islam. Instead of looking out for the Malays it continues to condemn PAS, which is undeniably an Islamist Party. It also condemns Malay DAP members as window dressers for the DAP. It condemns PKR as a dirty party. And yet they talk about Malay and Muslim unity.

Why can’t the Government just come out and tell the truth that BN is going to implode if Free and Fair Elections are held? Why employ gangsters like Perkasa to rile the nation and promote racial conflicts? Why call on BN sympathizers to condemn the Rally? The excuses are so lame that it makes the people feel that our government is being helmed by a group of morons.

Why condemn Ambiga as an Islamic threat? Why picture Anwar as a sex maniac? Najib Razak’s latest comment that the Nation should decide for themselves whether it was Anwar in the Sex Video is so lame!! How can Malaysians continue to accept Najib as our National Leader? It is so unprofessional of him, to meddle in such trivial matters. Frankly, he is a big disappointment to Malaysians who looked up to him and his expensive so-called 1Malaysia campaign.

Since his inception as Prime Minister, nothing has gone right in this country. The Executive Branches of the Government have grown bolder in their effort to contain the people. They have given up their independence to be subservient to a ‘banana government’.

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PSM Waging War? The Charge Simply Doesn’t Stick!

The way the Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) members were arrested and accused reminds us of the proverb, “Give a dog a bad name and hang him.”

That’s what the police have done. They resurrected the communist bogey and concocted the myth of waging war against the king and hoped that these ludicrous accusations will stick. Unfortunately, the accusations are farfetched and come across as scandalous and outright lies.

The PSM is a grassroots party dedicated to socialism and to the peaceful attainment of goals that would bring benefits to the marginalized and helpless members of the Malaysian community. Their concern for the welfare of the Orang Asli, their struggle for the urban poor, their solidarity with the homeless, their unwavering support for the evicted, their demand for decent basic wages for the largely exploited labor class, all this speaks eloquently to justify their existence in the political arena.

They have never been opportunistic and did not abandon the constituency that did not support the party. They struggled on, in spite of their electoral losses and remained faithful to their chosen constituency. It is this perseverance that paid off for Dr Jeyakumar Devaraj who ultimately defeated Datuk Seri Samy Vellu and captured the Sungai Siput parliamentary constituency in 2008.

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Experts: Bersih T-shirts NOT illegal

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein who said wearing yellow Bersih 2.0 T-shirts is illegal came under fire from lawyers and academics today who said he was “talking nonsense”.

Hishammuddin told the press this morning that the arrests of those wearing such T-shirts are justified as it is related to an illegal activity.

However, the experts said that he is wrong on both counts as neither the rally nor the T-shirt is illegal.

Professor Aziz Bari of Universiti Islam Antarabangsa asked which law Hishammuddin was referring to in declaring that T-shirts is illegal as there was none to his knowledge that supported the minister’s contention.

“It is too far-fetched and illogical,” he told FMT. “Since when is it an offence to wear a certain colour in public? The only provision that comes remotely close is acting indecently in public and I doubt that wearing a T-shirt is an offence. Hishammuddin is talking nonsense.”

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Lawyer says pre-rally arrests unlawful

PKR vice-president N. Surendran today described the ongoing round of pre-rally arrests of Bersih activists as “unlawful”, adding that all those detained could “sue the pants off” the government.

The human rights lawyer told The Malaysian Insider that there was no law in the country that allowed such pre-emptive arrests or for T-shirts to be declared as illegal.

In declaring Bersih’s yellow T-shirts illegal, said Surendran, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein was attempting to play the role of an absolute monarch issuing a decree on his subjects.

“There is no law that says you cannot wear T-shirts with the word Bersih on it. There is no law that allows the arrest of individuals who [have not committed] any offence. The Bersih rally has not even happened yet… they cannot arrest people for inviting people to attend a rally or for announcing their intention to join the rally,” he said when contacted.

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Bent on silencing political dissent

Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) is at a loss for words at the government’s actions as 30 of its activists were arrested on trumped-up charges.

PSM chairman Nasir Hashim said the government has lost the plot and it is coming with excuses just to arrest Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) supporters.

“You can’t use this kind of stupid reason to arrest us… waging war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. I think the government should use a better reason,” Nasir told reporters at the Parliament lobby.

He was referring to the arrests of 30 PSM activists, including Sungai Siput MP D Jeyakumar, for being in possession of T-shirts with communist leaders’ faces on them.

After arresting them in Penang, the police remanded them under Section 122 of the Penal Code for waging war against the king.

“Using these T-shirts to wage war against the king, what kind of story is this? I think something is wrong with the mentality of the government,” Nasir added.

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BERSIH 2.0 Theme Song (Video)

BERSIH 2.0 Theme Song – FREEDOM with Lyrics


Umno goes berserk with Bersih

If the Arabs had their defining moment in the form of the Arab Spring, Malaysians might well have their day of reckoning in our Summer of Change.

So who stands to lose the most, when Bersih marches on July 9? Umno of course!

Umno, and the various people who benefitted from its largesse in the form of contracts, awards, scholarships, directorships and donations are desperate.

If the rakyat triumphs and true democracy is restored, Umno and its cohorts stand to lose everything – their riches, the false respect they have been accorded, their supposed elevated status in society and naturally, their freedom. Their fall from grace is palpable.

Ambiga is focused on her mission, to save the Malaysian soul. She is leading us to exercise our right to freedom of peaceful assembly on July 9. She has the rakyat’s backing. The authorities may be left standing on the beach trying to stop a tsunami.

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Are Activists More Dangerous Than Criminals?

The way the police hound and harass activists engaged in social issues gives the impression that they are more dangerous than the criminals who cause hell for peace-loving citizens. The number of police engaged in this activity makes one wonder why the police are running after these activists instead of the criminals who are lurking among our midst committing all kinds of crimes, some even resulting in death.

More and more Malaysians are beginning to believe that the police are no longer what they used to be in the past when they were professional in their duty and were not seen as political tools of the ruling party. The change in perception occurred during the Mahathir years as witnessed during the Refomasi days and while Anwar’s first sodomy trial dragged on when the police were harsh and brutal in dealing with the crowd who stood up against a cruel regime. We have seen how heavy-handed the police were during the Bersih 1.0 and Hindraf rallies in November 2007. They continue to behave in that same fashion right up to today.

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Detained MP rushed to hospital

TAIPING: Sungai Siput MP Dr D Jeyakumar and two others have suffered health problems while in police detention and are warded at the Penang General Hospital.

Meanwhile, five reports have been lodged with the Penang police headquarters alleging that personnel at the headquarters subjected the three and others arrested last Saturday to mental torture and other forms of ill treatment.

The other two in hospital are Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) deputy chief M Sarasvathy and a bus driver known only as Selvam.

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Bersih ban is against constitution

Renowned constitutional law expert Abdul Aziz Bari, hit out at the cops for their unilateral banning of the Bersih 2.0 rally planned for July 9, pointing out that the police crackdown on the gathering is not only illegal but unconstitutional.

“They have acted illegally because they have publicly stated that they are not going to issue a permit. As a public authority they can only make a decision after an application has been made,” the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) lecturer told Malaysiakini.

Abdul Aziz (right) explained that under the law, the police are duty bound to consider every permit application, and not take irrelevant considerations into account.

He argued that the police have pre-judged the matter and this is against the law. Worse still, it contravenes a right that is enshrined in the Constitution.

“The police have no power to suspend the right of peaceable assembly guaranteed by Article 10(1)(b) of the constitution by declaring it illegal at will. Even the (lower) courts cannot do that,” said the law lecturer.

The said article guarantees “all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms”.

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The dawn of A Better Malaysia!
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All that is necessary
for the triumph of evil
is for good men
to do nothing.

- Edmund Burke
When the people
fears their government,
there is TYRANNY;
when the government
fears the people,
there is LIBERTY.

- Thomas Jefferson
Do you hear the people sing?