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The reason why BN lost Selangor

The reason why BN lost Selangor

This is the reason BN lost S’gor – MB’s office answers ex-MB

Former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib has been saddled with a puzzling question regarding Umno and BN losing the state in the 2008 general election.

Muhammad said while BN had won in backward states, which do not even have water supply, it, however, lost in a developed state like Selangor, which has ports, airports, roads and various facilities.

This evening, the office of his successor, Azmin Ali, provided the answer.

Former Selangor menteri besar Muhammad Muhammad Taib was saddled with a puzzling question regarding Umno and BN losing the state in the 2008 general election.

He said while BN had won in backward states, which do not even have water supply, it, however, lost in a developed state like Selangor, which has ports, airports, roads and various facilities.

This evening, his successor Azmin Ali’s office provided the answer.

Referring to Muhammad as a “recycled politician”, the Menteri Besar Office’s strategic communications director Yin Shao Loong claimed that the answer is common knowledge.

“By March 2008, Umno and BN had become irrelevant, even distasteful, to the voters of Selangor because the people were fed up with decades of corruption, wastage and mismanagement,” Yin said.

He said it was not a case of the people of Selangor suddenly becoming ungrateful for the roads, infrastructure, water and electricity supply.

“They were fed up that these basic amenities should have to be delivered via fat contracts to politically-connected cronies.

“They were fed up that the politicians approving these projects could swagger in and out of the country clutching suitcases stuffed with money,” he added.

This was an obvious reference to Muhammad’s arrest at the Brisbane airport in 1997, carrying Singaporean, Malaysian and New Zealand bank notes worth US$1 million.

This is the reason BN lost S’gor – MB’s office answers ex-MB
24 Nov 2017 – malaysiakini


The curious case of Khalid Ibrahim

COMMENT Like many Selangorians, before the 13th general elections last year, I found myself cheerleading a little for Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, the incumbent Selangor menteri besar. This was a man who is not a regular politician, he is not a good orator, doesn’t convey his opinions eloquently, but nevertheless is someone who “does work”.

He is someone who is honest, professional, works, and does not find time to speak ill about another politician. He is too busy doing work that he does not have time to retort back at political enemies. Back then, his main political rival was PKR deputy president Azmin Ali. Now, compare Khalid’s conduct in that realm of rivalry with Azmin’s often open and indiscreet criticism of Khalid, then you know Khalid was the better person.

Or so he wants us to believe. I will be the first to admit that my opinion of Khalid had stuttered and stagnated over the past few months, owing in large to his policies and his now famous lack of communication with people who work under him, and people from his own party.

This is by no means an endorsement of PKR’s decision to replace Khalid with Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, or the merit with which PKR felt fit to sack Khalid from the party without ensuring a smooth exit for him before making such a drastic decision. These are political considerations that respective parties involved should make.

But coming to the case of Khalid himself, how did he fall from grace so badly that public opinion, that has often backed him, is now starting to stutter?

Did Khalid Ibrahim change? Did the people change? Is he a victim of circumstance?

Or maybe, Khalid is neither the man we think he is right now, nor the man we thought he was back then. He did not change. Not a bit. The fact is, Khalid Ibrahim is a very good politician despite affirmation from his supporters claiming otherwise.

In politics, perception is reality and truth is negotiable. Khalid knew that. And for six long years, he mastered that. He might have lacked the persona and skills that politicians like Anwar Ibrahim had, but he more than made up for it by picking a strategy and sticking to it. The strategy was simple – selling the image to the public that he was a honest, simple man who does not get his gloves dirty on the boxing ring.

He was a fresh breath of air, he didn’t “play” politics, we perceived, but he was “managing” that perception all along.

People did not find a reason to hate him because he had a track record, albeit it is almost always about the amount of state reserves he amassed. He did not burn bridges with anyone by slandering them and throwing political jibes. He was just an ordinary man, and you would not know what was going on in his mind.

The uncombed hair and the messy outlook was all part of that perception – this man didn’t care for appearances, but more on substance. When the Selangor menteri besar crisis came to a head, suddenly Khalid was able to be tidy, dressed to the hilt, and look genuinely happy.

Aug 12, 2014 – Malaysiakini
by Ram Anand
The curious case of Khalid Ibrahim


Legitimacy as Selangor MB over

Legitimacy as Selangor MB over, Husam tells Khalid

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim’s legitimacy as Selangor menteri besar is over, PAS vice-president Datuk Husam Musa wrote in an open letter to the embattled leader today, although the Islamist party has yet to make an official stand on the issue.

Husam said that Khalid’s hope to get another Selangor lawmaker to join his side has ended after Batu Tiga assemblywoman Rodziah Ismail quit as state executive councillor to join her PKR colleagues in repudiating the menteri besar’s leadership.

“What more when two PAS assemblymen took their personal step to reject Tan Sri as a menteri besar openly,” he said in the open letter made available to The Malaysian Insider.

Khalid is running the Selangor government with the help of four PAS executive councillors and support from the 12 Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblymen in the 56-seat state legislature.

PAS has 15 assemblymen in the legislature, but two have now joined the 13 PKR lawmakers and 15 DAP lawmakers to support PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the new menteri besar for the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) pact.

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had openly backed Khalid to remain as menteri besar but the party’s central working committee will only meet this Sunday to finalise its decision, which must be ratified by the party’s Shura council.

Another vice-president Salahuddin Ayub yesterday said the Islamist party has delayed its decision as changing a state menteri besar is not as simple as replacing a village chief.

But PKR had signalled to its PR allies PAS and DAP on July 23 that it wanted to replace Khalid. The PR leadership meeting on that day agreed that PKR can keep the MB post and that the allies would consider Dr Wan Azizah’s candidature for the post.

DAP has agreed to Dr Wan Azizah taking over the post in the country’s wealthiest state but PAS has objected, although saying it went beyond the issue of gender.

Husam said that given current circumstances, Khalid must know his limits when it comes to riding on PAS support. The party should not be dragged any further into this controversy for his own survival.

“He can get sympathy, temporary protection and support from PAS in the spirit of the Pakatan Rakyat coalition and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang had also extended the olive branch to him.

“But that episode is over.”

Husam said PAS should not be in limbo with Khalid and sacrifice its principles or the good name it holds within the Pakatan coalition as mandated by the people of Selangor.

He added that after being sacked from PKR and not being accepted into any of the coalition parties, Khalid did not represent Pakatan anymore.

“The Selangor government is a PR government, not the government of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.”

He also said Khalid’s actions in sacking PKR and DAP exco members and his other moves had implicated PAS when the party never knew what he had planned to do.

These actions, he said, can cause Pakatan to break up, given the impression that PAS continued to support an illegitimate menteri besar.

He added that when Khalid decided to sack the PKR and DAP exco members but retained the PAS four, the matter should have been discussed with the Islamist party’s central committee. He should have also obtained the approval of its coalition partners.

He said that as far as he was aware, the PAS central committee never discussed that move and that it never gave the mandate to anyone to arrive at that decision.

“By doing this, Tan Sri is involving PAS in his survival as menteri besar and also compromises the party’s good name in the eyes of the people of Selangor.

Legitimacy as Selangor MB over, Husam tells Khalid
15 August 2014 – TMI


One vote for Khalid is one vote for Umno

One vote for Khalid is one vote for Umno – Sherilyn Goh

At the height of the menteri besar crisis, Selangor Umno chairperson Noh Omar, being the opportunist that he is, has so excitedly jumped on the bandwagon of condemning PKR by claiming to have known of Khalid’s wrongdoings all along.

Ironically, just after his master subsequently issued commands for all of Umno’s assemblypersons to throw their unconditional support behind Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim should a vote of no-confidence against the now independent MB be called for in the state legislative assembly, Noh Omar deferentially obliged, of course.

Same goes for their MCA colleagues who are ready to call for a press conference to censure PKR and Pakatan for Khalid’s wrongdoings on the very same day the commands were issued. They have no choice but to relent on an opportunity to score political brownie points. Poor MCA somehow has to remain irrelevant and bow down to their political masters as always, and like their Umno counterparts, to speak and act against their conscience.

From both incidents, it is clear that BN knew very well of Khalid’s dirt all along and was ready to play the offensive and strike should the time call for it – somehow they backtracked only when they realised that something better was in store for them, which was the opportunity to wrest the Selangor state administration from the now embattled Pakatan government, following the sacking of 5 executive councillors (excos) from DAP and PKR respectively.

Hence, if it is not clear enough, the explanation for how Umno changed overnight to become the number one proponent of Khalid, with Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin pledging support and the mainstream media giving the MB an unprecedented coverage not enjoyed by any Pakatan politicians before.

Does Umno’s endorsement of Khalid, for one, not send chills down your spine already?

It remains to be seen if Khalid will blatantly replace the sacked excos with Umno assemblypersons in the days to come, but should that happen, DAP and PKR will lose hold of their now volatile share in the Selangor state administration, which, should that be the case, will be an outrageous disregard to the people’s mandate, and may even be another constitutional crisis in the making.

Even detractors of Khalid have to give it to him now for being the political beast that he is capable of becoming when all else failed for him.

The extent to which Khalid would go to in order to cling on to power is, in fact, undignified, with no regard to the fact that two-thirds of Selangorians voted for a Pakatan government in the past 13th general elections.

It is no longer a matter of PKR’s internal turmoil here, but a betrayal of the voices of Selangorians who have spoken and all-out rejected Barisan Nasional rule. What seems to be the case now is that Selangor is at the brink of falling back into BN’s grasp, the party which stands to gain the most in this fiasco.

The destiny of the people of Selangor is being held at ransom.

PAS’s silence in the outbreak of such series of events over the past few days is at best deafening. August 17 is now the longest wait. So will PAS assemblypersons, for once, please speak up, defy and have your voices truly counted where and when it matters?

As for my fellow Selangorians, if you are all for accountable governance, then show that you have the same audacity when it is against a politician from the very party you support. If Umno’s corruption is detestable, then show that you will not tolerate any hocus-pocus even when it comes to the politician that you have voted into office. If Khalid is betraying the hopes and aspirations of the people by having his integrity compromised, then it is time, too, for him to go.

When you take to the streets with Bersih, it is a war-cry against corruption as a whole. When you ride on the wave of change it is not mere romanticism against Umno – the reality extends far beyond that. If you are truly in the spirit of change, then have the audacity to show that the same applies no matter which side of the political divide you are aligned with.

If a party is not allowed to right its wrong and you are blissfully tolerating status quo, do not cling to the benefit of hindsight another three or four years down the road when Selangor is lost and wish that the party had done otherwise. Because change has never been convenient, because change requires the courage to own up to your mistake and quickly take actions to rectify it.

My fellow Selangorians, it is about time we stopped punishing PKR for owning up to its mistakes and stand in solidarity with one common enemy again, for one vote for Khalid is now one vote for Umno to reclaim Selangor.

Let us not allow the excruciating lessons of history to repeat themselves. – August 14, 2014.

One vote for Khalid is one vote for Umno – Sherilyn Goh
14 August 2014 – TMI


Khalid must resign and stop the drama in Selangor

Khalid must resign and stop the drama in Selangor – Tan Eng Bee

With the sacking of Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim from PKR and the sultan’s consent to allow him to continue as menteri besar in the short term, the stage is set for a showdown in the state political arena which will affect directly the state of Selangor and indirectly the nation.

Though the decision to sack Khalid will pave the way for his eventual resignation, Khalid is adamant in not wanting to resign and leave gracefully.

Selangor is once again a battleground for political greats wanting their respective objectives fulfilled.

Assessing this tense and nerve-racking political situation in Selangor, Khalid believes he still commands the respect and the support of the majority in the state assembly to continue as menteri besar. By all counts, based on his assertion and belief, Khalid believes he has the support of the state assembly but the numbers do not support his claim or add up to his advantage.

In the first place, it is advisable that Khalid tender his resignation in the light of his sacking from PKR, which makes him “partyless” regardless of whether it was fairly decided or not as the welfare of the state and people are paramount compared to his position as menteri besar.

There is no way of trying to manoeuvre through the troubled political waters as the odds are against Khalid, and it will not look good for him since he has lost the support and confidence of his political party which supported him as menteri besar in the aftermath of GE13.

Therefore, it is incomprehensible and indecipherable as to why Khalid is adamant in not wanting to relinquish his position, which would speak well of his stature and strength, instead of trying to hold on to his weakened position.

Bear in mind that one’s political appointment is at the sole discretion of one’s political party. When it is expedient that one should surrender one’s position for whatever reason, one should not be ungrateful and unmindful by trying to hold on to one’s position when it is time to go.

There is no shame doing the right thing but obviously it will look bad for Khalid if he does the wrong things. Greed and power craziness may be the driving force as to why Khalid does not want to vacate and leave the political scene.

Or he may feel he is the best or right man for the job and there is no cogent reason to resign at this juncture.

A number of scenarios could happen in the light of current political developments. Based on previous case laws involving some misfitted menteris besar, I have no doubt the odds are against Khalid. It is just a matter of time before the “right thing” will happen.

I foresee Pakatan Rakyat will remain intact despite PAS throwing its weight behind Khalid to maintain his position, reason being that the three partners, PKR, DAP and PAS, have invested considerable time and energy in their endeavour to be what they are today. I am sure the three parties do not want Pakatan Rakyat to disintegrate and fade away in the wilderness.

It is unlikely that PAS will walk alongside Umno in support of Khalid to continue as menteri besar as their political ideology is totally alien to one another. Mistrust, apprehension and suspicion are real issues between these two Malay-based political heavyweights. It is nearly impossible for them to cooperate in the political arena at this juncture.

Khalid must resign and stop the drama in Selangor – Tan Eng Bee
12 August 2014 – TMI


REJECT Khalid’s arrogance, Umno & PAS duplicity

ARISE SELANGORIANS: Show your wrath at Khalid’s arrogance, Umno & PAS duplicity

Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s latest move to sack all six Exco members (three from the DAP and three from PKR) is against the mandate of the people of Selangor.

We, Selangorians, have voted for Pakatan, which comprised of PAS, PKR and DAP. The Excos are in the State Administration, because of this same mandate given to Pakatan as a whole.

Even if PAS chooses to leave the coalition this Sunday, it cannot deny the fact that people had indeed voted them overwhelmingly because of the coalition; therefore, PAS (if they still have any sense of self-respect) should honour the mandate given to Pakatan, instead of playing to the tune of UMNO.

In Selangor, in particular, over 60 percent of the voters had voted against UMNO and Barisan Nasional; therefore, for PAS to even now suggest Khalid form a unity government with UMNO is simply boisterous and unthinkable. It is against the wishes of the people of Selangor.

Umno’s invisible hand

We have already seen how the “invisible hand” of UMNO and its cronies have been playing up issues one after another to try to destabilise the Pakatan Government in Selangor before and after 2013. The water issue is a good example, followed by the KIDEX Highway (which will benefit a former Chief Justice), and JAIS’ raid on the Bible Society of Malaysia, another issue which remains unresolved till today.

Malaysians, in general, are also fed up with the dirty politics being played by various groups aligned to Barisan Nasional, and mainly with UMNO. The other component parties in BN are just playing second fiddle roles in BN after 57 years in power.

This is one reason why in Selangor we have rejected UMNO overwhelmingly. When I use the pronoun “we”, I mean also the Malay voters who are now more enlightened with the current development in Selangor. UMNO should know that, with a figure like over 60%, it certainly cannot comprise only of the non-Malays.

Ungrateful of PAS to ‘take & run’

PAS, in Paya Jeras, for example, won the constituency for the first time in the history of Paya Jeras. This was not without the help of many non-PAS members who worked hard and get their friends to vote for the new State Assemblyman, Mohd Khairuddin Othman, despite the poor perception of PAS by non-Malays in the past due to UMNO-linked media playing on a number of issues (Memali and the likes).

I cannot imagine how PAS can seek to for a unity government with UMNO, but then again, in politics, anything is possible. Even Hindraf was prepared to sign an agreement with Prime Minister, Najib Abdul Razak before the 13th General Election and the Church in East Malaysia was prepared to be pacified with a 10-point agreement just before the Sarawak state election. Both groups have realised, but it is too late.

Therefore, as an independent Menteri Besar, Khalid should realise what the people of Selangor want. For him to sack all six Pakatan exco with immediate effect, Khalid is going against the spirit of Pakatan (of which he is no longer a member) and against the mandate given by the people to Pakatan which, in principle, is still a mandate against UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

In S’gor crisis, Hadi & PAS defeat the meaning of ‘Islamic’

Forming a Unity Government with UMNO should not even cross Khalid’s mind despite him now being an independent MB. It is simply not right, unless his intentions are to sell out Selangor. Sometimes, Khalid’s actions make me wonder if he is part of the UMNO’s “Capture Selangor at all cost” campaign announced by Najib.

Khalid has to be upfront with his action plan, so that the people understand what he is trying to achieve at the end of the day. Simply wanting to remain as MB, when he no longer enjoys the confidence of the people and his own Exco, Khalid will not be able to hold the State together – definitely, not as a Lone Ranger or with his four Tontos. I hope Khalid will see the advice the people of Selangor are now giving him.

Whatever it is, sanity must prevail at the end of the day if Malaysia wants to see good economic growth. Whatever happens in Selangor will eventually affect the nation as a whole. – MAILBAG

ARISE SELANGORIANS: Show your wrath at Khalid’s arrogance, Umno & PAS duplicity
Written by Stephen Ng
13 August 2014 – Malaysia Chronicle


Why Khalid must go

PKR has sacked the menteri besar of Selangor, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, from the party.

This has caused a great deal of shock to many.

Everybody – whether it was my relatives over Hari Raya, constituents at mamak stalls or my friends over WhatsApp – wanted to know why we wanted him out.

Quite a number were critical and this was not surprising.

Having known and worked with Khalid for some time, I personally found the deterioration of his relationship with the party and his removal very sad.

Nevertheless, PKR has made the right decision.

Khalid had to be removed from the party.

He must also be made to leave the MB’s position.

It is true that many leaders in PKR were not willing to replace him after the 2013 general elections. While there were grumblings, there was a sense was that we could get by if the status quo prevailed.

This year however, serious question marks appeared over what was before seen as his strongest suit – his personal integrity. One can read in detail the party’s dossier and supporting evidence of this.

I would encourage Malaysians – particularly residents of Selangor – to read it and decide on this matter themselves. I am confident that this document will bring them to the same conclusion as the party.

I am only highlighting the most worrying issues raised in it.

Khalid and his supporters have been very adroit in crafting an image of him as a disinterested technocrat.

He is supposedly “above politics” and “puts the people first”. However, the document highlights some very disturbing lapses in this regard.

Chief among this was his controversial settlement of his RM59.5 million debt with Bank Islam. Despite repeated court judgements in the past that went against him, Khalid in February 2014 was able to obtain an out-of-court settlement for far less than the sum in question.

The fact that one Rashid Manaf apparently brokered the deal heightened the party’s suspicion. Rashid – as the record shows – is closely linked to Umno. Indeed, Khalid had repeatedly refused to clarify the debt issue despite being given the opportunity by the party to do so. He cannot claim that this was purely a private matter.

As an elected official, his debts are a public issue as he could have been disqualified for office had he been declared bankrupt as a result of them. Furthermore, it is interesting to note that after the settlement was agreed to, EcoWorld Berhad – a company Rashid is a director of – was then rewarded with land contracts by the Selangor state government worth hundreds of millions of ringgit.

Indeed, Khalid has made the Selangor state government party to two very controversial land deals involving Ecoworld.

On March 19, 2014, Tropicana Corporation Berhad announced the sale of 308.72 hectares of land it had bought from Selangor to Ecoworld Berhad in April 2013. The initial sale to Tropicana was controversial because it was done after state assembly had been dissolved to pave the way for the 13th general elections.

This means that the state government at the time was only a caretaker and it was hence improper for it to have agreed to such a deal.

Tropicana furthermore was granted extremely unusual and generous terms, including only being required to pay an RM50 million deposit and having to pay the remaining RM537 million over 12 years. The political bureau raised the matter but it was very difficult to get clarity over what was going on when he rarely attended the bureau’s meetings.

The second deal, signed on March 25, 2014 awarded EcoWorld a contract to build 2,400 affordable apartments for the state government worth RM591 million. This contract was awarded without open tender. This goes very much against the principle of transparency and accountability which Khalid’s administration was supposedly championing.

Shortly after that incident as well, Khalid signed a MoU over Selangor’s water resources with the federal government. As he himself admitted, this was done without PKR and Pakatan’s input. Indeed, it was presented as a fait accompli of sorts to the Selangor state exco.

This MoU – as has been argued elsewhere – is manifestly unfavourable to the interests of the people of Selangor, principally because it forced the state government to accept the controversial Langat 2 dam project without any legal obligations on the part of the federal government.

In August 2014, Khalid again acted on his own by signing a Heads of Agreement deal with the federal government. Again, he did this without consulting PKR or any of the other parties in Pakatan. It was not even brought up to his exco prior to the signing.

Despite his earlier resolve, Khalid gradually softened his stand on the water issue. Indeed, the MoU that was signed with the federal government was almost wholly favourable to the concessionaires. It basically left all the cards in the hands of the federal government and the concessionaires without guaranteeing the state government the ability to realistically restructure Selangor’s water assets.

Then of course we have the controversy over the proposed Kidex Highway. Residents of Petaling Jaya from all ethnic groups and walks of life have come out against the project, which is of doubtful utility and linked to pro-Umno corporate interests. At the same time, the creation of a new toll road goes against Pakatan’s principle of gradually eliminating such concessions to reduce the burden on the people.

The chronology of these events also raises concerns.

Many of the above-mentioned controversial actions occurred shortly after Khalid got wind of the “Kajang Move”, which was essentially to strengthen the state government by replacing him.

Doesn’t it seem suspicious that Khalid suddenly chose to become so accommodating with the federal government just after it was made clear to him that the party felt he needed to be replaced?

The interesting thing is that Khalid and his camp have never denied the substance of the allegations against him. They have never taken legal action against the many people who have spoken out over these issues.

Indeed, the only thing they did was to basically impinge the integrity of their critics – suggesting that these have political motives or designs on Selangor’s exchequer.

But these are serious shortcomings on Khalid’s part from an administrative standpoint – whatever one’s political standpoint is.

Khalid’s actions are not of a disinterested public servant. Indeed, it is hard to see how anyone could benefit from these actions except himself and the vested interests enabling him.

Party politics aside, his actions over Selangor’s land and water have damaged the same public interest he claims to be upholding.

We understand that many voters will be confused and angry by all that has transpired. Many efforts were made for a smooth transition to avoid the long-drawn episode Selangor is in today.

For someone who was there when he signed up for the party and served him loyally as his political secretary, this is a doubly sad ending.

But what we did was for the greater good of Selangor.

We had no other option.

Why Khalid must go
Nik Nazmi
12 August 2014 – TMI



KHALID’S SAD DOWNFALL: From Chief Minister to Court Jester

I beg to differ with most other people’s opinion, in that I believe today’s outcome from sacked Menteri Besar of Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim’s meeting with the Sultan of Selangor will only backfire on his credibility as a person even further.

The entire saga, seen from the eyes of the public, will also not reflect well on the Menteri Besar himself as the state leader and along with him, the people and the parties who are still trying to force their way to defend the post.

In my opinion, he is simply being played out by his own craze for power or unless there are still jobs left undone, which we may only be able to discover in months to come.

Temporary reprieve from Sultan but sooner or later he must go

Under normal circumstances, someone who has been sacked or fall out of favour with the party’s leadership no longer enjoys the support of the party who nominated him for the highest post in Selangor. This has happened to two of UMNO’s appointed Menteri Besar and a former prime minister. Nothing new at all.

Yet, we are seeing the antics of a leader who has already lost the confidence of his own party as well as his alliance, DAP, and yet still clinging on to the post as Menteri Besar.

I do not think that the Sultan is stupid. With his two weeks trip overseas, and the fact that PAS, another Pakatan component party has yet to meet, the Sultan’s answer is as good as expected. His permission to allow Khalid to continue as MB is at the best a temporary decision, until there are new developments that suggest otherwise.

Khalid’s announcement and exuberance this afternoon will therefore be shortlived. I wonder, if Khalid continues with his saga, would he turn out to be like the proverbial Malay saying, “Pandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh juga.” The end result is the same.

Simple Arithmetic

PAS and UMNO have 15 and 12 representatives in the Selangor State Assembly each. Both DAP and PKR have 15 and 13 each, since Khalid is now an independent.

Although the choice of a Menteri Besar for Selangor should never involve the Opposition, even if allowed to be brought before the State Assembly for a vote of no confidence against Khalid, the results are obvious. Things can and do get out of hand in Malaysian politics, but let me elaborate.

As a matter of principle, Khalid will not be allowed to vote. A coalition of PAS-UMNO will have a total of 27, whereas DAP and PKR will have 28. This is straightforward. DAP and PKR have the majority; therefore, Khalid, at this stage, does not enjoy the support from the majority as he claimed in his meeting with the Sultan.

Moreover, Khalid was placed there with the support from three component parties within Pakatan. Two of the parties have already made clear their decisions, with PAS still deliberating on the decision which will only be known on August 17.

Notwithstanding PAS’ decision final decision on Sunday, both DAP and PKR are already a 2 against one vote within Pakatan. How then can one party like PAS decide the fate of an partyless Menteri Besar?

PAS – losing credibility for itself and Islam after Hadi’s move to back-stab Anwar, PKR

PAS would find that, despite being an Islamic party, it will no longer enjoy the goodwill of the people if it chooses to go down this path. In Selangor, the people did not vote for Khalid, nor PAS, but Pakatan as a whole; therefore, for PAS to be involved in a PAS-UMNO power grab is as good as kissing their Islamic values goodbye. Where the people are concerned, they would have become a party that will no longer be seen as having any noble values.

The rumblings may be there with certain factions, as in any political organisation, but I strongly doubt that PAS with a wise leader like Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat would allow that to happen. While the ulama faction may express their support, the Erdogans in PAS have yet to make their decisions known. With two factions disagreeing, I believe it will be a matter of time that Tok Guru ask to close the rank.

At worst, Tok Guru may have to allow both factions to decide based on individual conscience whether they support Khalid as Menteri Besar or not, and tally those numbers to the existing 12 UMNO Assemblymen who support, and 28 Assemblymen from PKR and DAP who are against. The figures would end up the same as I have mentioned earlier, without of course any defections.

What baffles me is more is how Khalid could tell the Sultan that he still has the majority support from the state assemblymen when he cannot even tell who among his own ExCo members are still with him. He will only be able to know it after “interviewing” them one by one. His ExCo members can also choose to be defiant, by not resigning from the posts despite expressing their personal disgust against him.

Such credibility, if there is any left of Khalid the Menteri Besar of Selangor within the last few hours, as seen from the public’s eyes, will certainly rub into the parties that are willing to be seen still standing with him.

Should the DAP and PKR ExCo members resign enbloc, Khalid would be left with only four PAS ExCo members who would carry out the state administration with him. I find it amusing that Khalid can still run the state with just four ExCo members and claim that he still enjoys the support of the majority, when the rest of the ExCo have abandoned his ship. Is this a Robinson Crusoe or what?

Remember the Mandate

From the last General Election, the obvious has to be stated again. We, the Selangorians, voted for Pakatan as a whole. I do not have the exact figures, but it is over 60 percent of the voters, who gave their support to Pakatan.

PAS, if it chooses to pull out of Pakatan and join force with UMNO, has to realise that they were still part of Pakatan when we cast our votes. It does not matter now if they choose to leave Pakatan, but the people’s mandate is obvious – not UMNO or Barisan Nasional.

To now realign itself with UMNO, Pas is simply risking its own reputation. As an Islamic party, would it risk betraying the people’s trust? I, for example, voted for PAS for the first time in my life, because I support Pakatan in principle. How then can PAS betray my trust and still earn the respect that I have of its spiritual leader and adviser, Tok Guru Nik Aziz?

Now, supposing if Khalid picked more ExCo members from his supporters in PAS, then the state cabinet would mainly be a PAS administration, similar to Kelantan. This again is against the spirit of a coalition and the people’s mandate, and PAS’ image would go down the drain overnight.

Khalid can pick UMNO state assemblymen to join his ExCo, since he has arrogantly told the other ExCo member to “fly kite” if they cannot continue with their role as ExCo. But then, this is against the spirit of the General Election, where in Selangor, the support for Barisan Nasional did not match that of Pakatan.

With this regard, Khalid’s announcement that he has the support of the Sultan to cling on to his post as MB will only reflect badly on him, when it turns out that the Sultan’s decision is only meant to be a temporary decision.

In my opinion, I think it is wiser for Khalid to just step down gracefully and move on with life than to appear like a fool to stay on as MB, when he no longer enjoys the support of his party. In politics, nothing is permanent anyway and I would be a fool to believe that Khalid can still earn my respect as a Selangorian.


KHALID’S SAD DOWNFALL: From Chief Minister to Court Jester
Written by Stephen Ng
12 August 2014 – Malaysia Chronicle


Reject Dr M’s thoughts on Kajang

When Malaysians should ignore Dr Mahathir’s thoughts on Kajang

It is a free country. Correction. It is a relatively free country. As such, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is free to articulate his views on anything, the weather in the North Pole to the quality of leadership in the country.

But Malaysians are free to disagree and reject whatever escapes from his lips these days.

Even a show of disdain would not be out of place for this political chameleon, who, day by day, shows a convenient ability to forget that many of the country’s ills were sowed and took root during his time.

When he laments about the self-serving nature of Umno politicians and the money-grabbing culture of politics today, Dr Mahathir hopes that we forget about the obscene wealth amassed by his ministers and members of his inner circle.

When he talks about how Christians are being unreasonable by insisting on using the word “Allah”, Dr Mahathir hopes that we forget that his government in the late 1980s allowed the prohibition on the use of the word by Christians be held in abeyance.

When he complaints about rising racial and religious tension, Dr Mahathir hopes that we forget that he is the patron of Perkasa, the right-wing group that has only one brief: to divide this country.

Now, the former prime minister is giving Malaysians his two cents’ worth on the Kajang by-election.

He is entitled to poke fun at Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and call him whatever he wants. But the minute he talks rubbish, he should be called out.

Today, he urged the voters of Kajang to give MCA a chance. Why?

Because according to him the Barisan Nasional (BN) component party is trying to make a comeback after its dismal performance. Really?

One can only guess with his elastic sense of right and wrong, bartering for positions between Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai is evidence of a party on a comeback trail.

Can you imagine how selfish and self-absorbed these two MCA leaders are that they are carving out largesse for themselves even after their party was rejected by the community for being self-serving?

When Malaysians should ignore Dr Mahathir’s thoughts on Kajang
January 31, 2014 – TMI


Kajang folk excited over prospect of having ‘star’ assemblyman

The last time Kajang was associated with a famous politician was when former health minister Tan Sri Lee Kim Sai represented the state constituency as the Hulu Langat MP.

That was almost 20 years ago and when MCA was powerful.

This past week, Kajang residents have found out that they have the opportunity of being represented by another well-known leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is speculated to replace Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim if the PKR de facto leader wins the by-election.

Reaction to the news has been mixed but the prospect of having the opposition leader as assemblyperson has made its way into coffee-shop talk, living rooms and places of worship: sparking excitement among the town’s residents and raising questions why Anwar has chosen this town, famed for its satay and the federal prison in Sungai Jelok.

While many in the town south of capital Kuala Lumpur express surprise over the reasons for the by-election, their conversation invariably turn to the perks of having a leader with clout.

“Kim Sai did a lot for Kajang and Hulu Langat during his three terms as MP. At least he made sure Kajang Hospital had many specialists,” said Alan Yeo, a long-time resident who expounded on the merits of a top leader as representative.

“I am sure everyone wants a menteri besar for assemblyman. The problems won’t go away the day after he is elected but at least Anwar and his officers will make an effort to address them,” the 52-year-old said, adding that the Kajang Municipal Council’s cleaning services had slackened lately.

Kajang is one of three state seats in the Hulu Langat parliamentary constituency, the others being Semenyih and Dusun Tua.

“Anwar as menteri besar will mean that a whole range of issues in the town can be settled. I am sure funds will be found to address the traffic congestion in the town and roads leading out during peak hours,” said businessman Abdul Munir.

Kajang folk excited over prospect of having ‘star’ assemblyman
February 02, 2014 – TMI

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for the triumph of evil
is for good men
to do nothing.

- Edmund Burke
When the people
fears their government,
there is TYRANNY;
when the government
fears the people,
there is LIBERTY.

- Thomas Jefferson
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