Time to ‘Bersih’ this weekend

What prompts ordinary Malaysians to come out and support Bersih 4?

It is the human spirit. It is the earnest desire to save their country from going to the dogs. It is time to echo “enough is enough” before things get worse.

A tyrant may oppress for a time. But in time the people will throw caution to the wind and stand up against the tyranny. The human spirit against repressiveness cannot be destroyed. And fear can no longer keep a people from overcoming a wicked and unjust situation and the architect of their plight.

We all love Malaysia

Democracy in Malaysia is a sham if the flaws in the electoral system are allowed to perpetuate. For a long time Malaysians have been working peacefully and patiently with the government to seek electoral reform. But to no avail.

Groups such as Tindak have painstakingly produced convincing solid evidence of serious electoral anomalies pinpointing the flaws. For elections to be held in light of the glaring flaws including heavy gerrymandering and malapportionment is to defraud the people.

GE13 produced a tainted result. Is a government that lost the popular vote a government of the people when it is not by the people? Is it a fair electoral system that produces a skewed result?

The electoral system has failed the people and must be changed before another election robs the people of the government they want.

Do the people want a government they can elect into power or a government that ensures the flawed electoral system keeps them in power?

Bersih 4, Malaysiakini and more and more Malaysians at home and abroad, and even concerned foreigners such as Malaysiakini columnist Dean Johns, and former American ambassador to Malaysia John Malott, who care enough to participate in the debate, who share the same earnest desire to see Malaysia prosper under good governance, all want change for the better.

They all love Malaysia.

It takes courage to talk. It takes conviction to walk the talk. And when the people walk and talk together, their enemy isn’t half as strong as they think. When the people show their courage and conviction, they will overcome every obstacle.

It is time to ‘Bersih’.

Time to ‘Bersih’ this weekend
Steve Oh
26 Aug 2015 – malaysiakini


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